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Visa Packages

Being the only Boutique Visa and Investment Service company in the UAE, positioned in the glamourous and desirable city of Dubai,

Edwards & Winter has positioned itself as the go to all in one solution for the elite, busy and smart newcomers to the city.  

Edwards & Winter recognises that there are no shortage of companies in the UAE offering a Visa service.  They also recognise that there are no shortages of investment offerings in the region.  However, to combine these together in one managed package, including flights, accommodation, private members club membership, commission free house sales/rentals is a first for the UAE. 

Edwards & Winter is proud of what the UAE has to offer.  The climate, the lifestyle, the business opportunities, the opulence and the brilliance of cities such as Dubai makes a product like ours the perfect fit for such a 5 star destination.

Our Visa Investment packages are designed to be a complete package.  Within set investment packages, clients will have a bespoke service delivering exactly what they require in a precise manner.  We do the running around, we deal with the nitty gritty, any problems or potential issues are for us to manage. 

We only work with top local and international firms, and all aspects are handled in house by trained experienced members of the team.  We employ some of the best visa specialists in the region.  We also work with one of the most respected investment companies in the region. FGC Limited is regulated by the DFSA and have both a proven track record and a financial team to challenge all others.  Located in the highly prestigious Index Tower, the front face of the DIFC, FGC provides an investment product which has become the backbone of our success. 


This is why in many cases, a safe regulated investment can mean the whole visa package that we provide is free of charge.

If you need a safe, reliable, efficient and business class service for your move to the UAE, look no further than Edwards & Winter to deliver.

The UAE's Only Boutique Visa Company.

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